Sauerkraut-Rediscovering Wild Fermented Cultures

Miracle Food Fermentation happens continuously in nature—glucose, that is present in organic substances (food), is converted into energy required by living cells. The process is referred to as ‘oxidative decomposition’…

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Juice Fasting–Cleanse and Detox for Healing and Longevity

Fasting is a natural, instinctual response observed by animals and humans when faced with illness. Animals often withdraw from their social environment and fast for days or weeks, then magically…

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AH Juice is going through a very exciting time. We’ve morphed our name from Ascending Health Juicery into AH Juice. Our customer base continues to grow and we are able…

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Fasting Lecture from July 24, 2013

Fasting Lecture You Tube (a glimpse) July 24, 2013

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