The history of Chamomile dates back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians, when it was dedicated to their Gods for being a cure for the ‘Ague’ or acute fever. The word “chamomile” comes from ancient Greece,¬†Chamomaela, and means “ground apple”.¬† The smell of the white flower with the yellow center is similar to the apple blossom.

For a few weeks every year, ah juice is able to get this herb from our local farmers market. We love adding its gentle sweetness to the juice and appreciate its healing properties.

Chamomile is one of the world’s most soothing herbs, relieving anxiety and insomnia. The herb is anti-inflammatory and heals¬†gastrointestinal issues like heartburn and inflammatory bowels. It soothes the muscles lining the digestive tract.

Chamomile is also anti-spasmodic, which is why it relaxes the muscles and nerves. It can relieve menstrual cramps. Active compounds in the herb work like anti-anxiety medications, promoting relaxation in the brain & nervous system. Due to its azulene, Chamomile is also able to destroy bacteria like staph and strep, fighting infection and speeding healing….Enjoy the yummy flavor in your juice, enjoy the healing!

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