Juice Fasting–Cleanse and Detox for Healing and Longevity

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Fasting is a natural, instinctual response observed by animals and humans when faced with illness. Animals often withdraw from their social environment and fast for days or weeks, then magically emerge recovered and renewed. Humans have that same instinctual urge. However, in an era of over-eating and over-medicating, it is often challenging to trust the instinct to fast. But when we abstain from eating and drink only fresh, raw vegetable juice and pure fluids, digestive requirements are minimal and the vegetable juice provides crucial nutrients for the cleansing and detoxification necessary for healing. Juice fasting clears and prevents illness and promotes wellness.

Your mouth, stomach, gall bladder, liver, small intestine, pancreas, large intestines, rectum, and miscellaneous glands are directly involved in digesting food; these body parts rest when you do not eat. The energy normally required for digestion is conserved, and your body redirects energy to where healing is needed (the body’s innate intelligence constantly seeks to optimize wellness). With continued fasting, the small and large intestines empty; your basal metabolic rate (BMR) drops—body temperature, heart, and respiration rate decrease; your nervous system calms; your body alkalinizes; pain lessens. This brings about deep, tranquil rest.

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In this restful state when juice fasting, your system lightens: all fluids thin, blood and lymph circulation improve, blood pressure drops, and the less dense interstitial and intracellular fluids increase cellular permeability—flushing out the deep chambers of your cells and organs. Due to the decrease in calories, redundant tissue, fat, phlegm, and unnecessary debris are broken down for energy, and the toxins normally stored in these and other tissues are released for elimination.

Drinking juice increases fluidity and hydration, which facilitates the transportation of nutrients in and out of cells and transports waste to the eliminatory organs. The nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and trace proteins and fats) in pure vegetable juice are in an ion state suspended in organic water and require very little energy for absorption. These essential nutrients ensure electrolyte levels are maintained––making juice fasting completely safe. The nutrients in pure vegetable juice are key building blocks for rebuilding and regenerating health.

Juice fasting provides an exceptional opportunity for the whole body to heal: organs rest while cells hydrate, cleanse, detoxify, and eliminate waste. As pure, fresh nutrients are provided, immunity is enhanced, pathogens are neutralized, pathology is reversed, skin clears, pain is alleviated, hormones are balanced, and organs regenerate . . . the body is rejuvenated and the spirit lifted. In essence, you cleanse and purify, you heal and your life extends. Regardless of your state of health, you benefit from cellular nourishment and detoxification—from juice fasting.

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Source of Health and Wellness 1/15/14

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