Benefits of 100% Organic Pressed Juice

Why Organic?

Extracting nutrients from plants by grinding and pressing is incredibly efficient. With a high quality machine and proper technique 80-90 % of the plant’s nutrients are made into juice. Juice is aborbed 100% within minutes of being drunk. If the produce being juiced is not organic, all the other chemicals in or on the plant (pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers) will also be part of the juice.

Finest Nourishment

Raw vegetables and fruits in juice form are the very finest nourishment we can get. They provide the body with both ample fluids and easily absorbable nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, phyto-nutrients , trace proteins (with all their amino acids) and fats. The extracted juice consists of not only these essential nutrients, but also the energetic imprint and vibrational essence of the plant and its environment. Consuming this pure plant water is an excellent way to rehydrate the body.

Because there is no digestion involved, we are able to quickly and easily assimilate live juice.  All of the plant’s nutrients go to work immediately, cleansing and detoxifying, nourishing and balancing to repair and maintain our organs and cells, our entire  body.

Drinking raw live juices daily, eliminating unhealthy stresses and habits, living a balanced lifestyle, and eating a healthy diet promotes optimal health and the potential to reverse or avert disease. The more juice you consume, the better you are able to heal and the more.

What the Juice Treats

The deep nutrition derived from the juice is reflected in all levels of the body and aids you in becoming resistant to disease. Soon after drinking it daily, people observe their skin, hair, and complexion improving, digestion harmonizing and elimination becoming easier and more regular. Acid reflux begins to lessen, hair becomes lustier and fuller, and phlegm and congestion begin to clear.

Continuous juice consumption will improve your energy, and overtime, deepen results such as the lessening and elimination of inflammation that causes aches and pains, weight loss or weight normalization, stoppage of muscle spasms and cramps, a quieting of the nervous system, a clearing of allergies, balancing of hormones, strengthening of the immune system, and a longer and healthier life.

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