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This past Winter I had a stubborn deep cough that lasted for over a month and a half. I tried every natural remedy and even out of desperation I took antibiotics to no avail. Then I did a six day Ascending Health Juicery fast. Wow, the cough after six days of just drinking juice was completely gone! My health continues to benefit in other ways from my juice fast. Thank you Deb and Alfred for this very nutritious healing juice. SCB

My allergies have basically disappeared and I’ve been telling every person I know about the juice! My family and friends also noticed my energy is up and I look livelier. I feel like my body is working at full potential, thanks for such a powerful and easy medicine!Tony Almanza

I feel so much better drinking the juice.  Such a difference in nutrient value, giving me so much more energy, increasing metabolism, helping with my thyroid issues, even some sleep improvement.  A 5 lb weight loss and what’s more significant, at this moment, is how my body has shifted into a more vital and whole vibration.  This is why I wish to continue once a day and alternate the juice fasts.  I have no desire for sweets (except for a little organic fruit; berries and such) and I feel better staying off animal protein at present.Diane Feingold

Ascending Health Juicery made an immediate difference in my active life. I am 57 years old and figured that my flagging energy levels, acid reflux, digestive rumblings, general aches and pains were simply all part of aging. The first sip of juice seemed so strong tasting I was not sure I would be able to drink a whole glass, however, within a week I found I craved The Juice and now drink it as a beverage with great pleasure!

Within the first weeks of juicing my energy levels snapped back to those of earlier decades, acid reflux symptoms disappeared, and my digestion normalized. After three months of juicing I find that I rarely use aspirin to alleviate back and knee pain which I had come to use as a matter of course to engage in any athletic activity.

One could almost say that finding The Juicery is like finding the Fountain of Youth!

Thank you Alfred and Deb!
Kimberly Kavish, Art Director, Santa Barbara, CA

Two years ago I found myself suddenly and unexpectedly falling down the rabbit hole. Way down. I was leaving body parts (and chunks of a formerly-functioning psyche) in various pathology labs. My body, mind, and spirit were shattered. Putting the altered pieces of my life back together has been no small feat. During my Adventure in AwfulLand, Alfred and Deb’s assistance has been invaluable. From the beginning, I juiced. I also showed up at Alfred’s clinic ‘as is’: whatever the flavor of the day presented––mostly it was messy. Always, my appointments at the clinic felt sane in a world where the Queen was offing heads. Alfred and Deb mapped a healing process that profoundly supported and realigned my wellbeing. My gratitude for their skills is absolute. Sukey K Briggs, Goleta CA

You know, I’ve been juicing for about 3 weeks now and I find that my body is starting to reject junk food/greasy food/ fried food.  It’s weird…I get sick to my stomach when I eat junk.Frank Corral, Esq., LL.M.

This idea is EXACTLY the ticket for our
busy times. What a treat to be able to drink this tasty elixir while launching my own business. I don’t have the time now to shop, clean or juice, so this healthy way of getting excellent nutrition is a huge blessing. Do my errands, pick up my yummy juice and I feel so great.  Who needs that glass of cabernet now?!?  Not me. Thank you for your amazing idea and super juice!  I tell everyone!!!Cathy Carpizzo,
Santa Barbara

Drinking your juice regularly makes a difference in our lives. So much so that when we go to Mammoth to ski we order extra because without it we experience a significant difference with the change of altitude!!Jamie & Steven Gumins

This juice is a blessing. It nourishes, cleanses, and energizes on so many levels— chlorophyll and living minerals and locally grown vegetables and loving intention—all delivered in a little sustainable glass jar. I am so grateful.Nitsa Pomerleau

I recently got back into drinking the juice from Ascending Health Juicery after a few months absence.  I immediately felt the benefits of the juice, including tissue detoxification, mental clarity and increased energy.  I generally have sinus issues, and the juice helps clear and heal the tissue such that I have no problems when I drink at least two 8oz. jars per week.  I also find that I lose weight and my cravings for sweets, bread and pasta decrease.  For me, it is an integral part of maintaining a strong body and a healthy lifestyle.J. Skytt

I became pregnant with my first child in September 2009. My husband and I  eat locally and are very health conscious.  We have tried juicing on our own and have never been able to do it regularly because of the lengthy process it requires. We felt very fortunate to be introduced to Ascending Juicery and to Alfred Pomerleau, who juice from local, organic produce. I started to take prenatal vitamins daily, but with my morning sickness I wasn’t sure how much I was absorbing. Despite my pregnancy induced nausea for the first 6 months of pregnancy, I was able to drink his juices 5-6 days/ week. They revitalized me and I felt very confident that I was getting the right nutrition to my growing baby and myself. As our due date approached and passed, we were looking at being induced due to local practice standards. However, after having our amniotic fluid levels checked by the perinatologist, we discovered that I had an abundance of fluid and that our baby was doing great, especially for 10 days post due date! I really feel like this is attributed to the amazing juices I was drinking from Ascending Juicery. I have many friends that have had their fluids checked and it is quite rare to have the level of amniotic fluid I had post due date. Alfred and Deb’s juices kept me very healthy throughout my entire pregnancy and helped me to maintain my hydration and strength during my drug free labor to birth an 8 pound healthy baby naturally. Our daughter is 3 months old now and we have continued on the 16 oz of juice daily to support breastfeeding and give her extra nutrients through the breast-milk. I have had no problems with mastitis and know that the concentrated nutrients and vitamins in the juice keeps my immune system strong. I don’t think my husband or I will ever stop drinking these juices. We feel much healthier, vibrant, and energized and feel it is one way that we daily treat ourselves.Lisa W.

I used to have to spend days in bed, some sort of chronic fatigue or candida blow out. I am reviving! I am an intuitive and I look at everything as energy, but my cells and organs are coming back into health, and I am sure the juices are a giant part, a catalyst for my overall revitalization. Thank you <3Lisa

AH Juice is the best just the best the best! I am getting new black hair that I have not had for a long time. I think it is from the juice.Gen Klein

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