Why AH Juice?

There’s juice and then there’s AH Juice.

Formulated and pressed for you!

From the very beginning we at ah juice committed to providing the highest quality medicinal juice available while keeping our business performing at the highest level of sustainability possible. Drinking our juice regularly promotes healing and health to our whole being. We have not wavered from these goals and have continued to be amazed at the testimonials provided by our customers and their willingness to participate in the program to sustainability.

Here from the beginning (Before Juice was Fad).

Ah juice started in 2008 in answer to the need for high quality juice—to provide a sound nutritional base for people to heal.

Uncompromising quality and detail.

  • 100% Organic-no compromise
  • 95% produce from local farms
  • We hand clean and inspect all the produce. Anything that is not bright green, yellow, purple, red, or is shriveled is not in our juice.
  • Minimize oxidation: To maximize nutrient quality and minimize losses we overfill each jar to remove air, cap and refrigerate immediately.
  • All juice is packed in glass containers.


  • COLD PRESSED FRESH EVERY MORNING. We get up in the early morning so that your juice will be totally fresh–made and delivered newly pressed daily.
  • Produce are purchased directly from farmers. Juice is often pressed from vegetables harvested the previous day making the juice alive.
  • Live juice does not only provide bio-chemical nutrients but also the vibration, the Qi of the many live plants.
  • We do not add lemon to our juice for preserving. If we include lemon it’s for its nutrition and flavor.

Science and art-intelligent formulations.

  • Nutritionally dense: A minimum of 13 items (often 15-18), mostly leafy green herbs and vegetables are pressed in the 4 gems. Many items in ah juices are not found in most peoples’ daily food intake.
  • Nutrients are in ion form suspended in organic water, fully dynamic and absorbed 100% within minutes after drinking.
  • Each 8 oz provides 2 ½ servings of whole vegetables and fruits.
  • Ah juice presses whole bunches of each item, not one leaf of this or a sprig of that. We do not use fillers. Everything that is put in our juice is there for a reason-balanced nutrition.
  • We change our blend a little daily to alter the synergy thereby maximizing nutrients absorbed. Most nutrients require other nutrients to be properly absorbed and every person is unique in what they require. Adding, deleting, changing quantities in each blend changes the nutrient combinations. This maximizes each person’s ability to utilize the nutrients.
  • Macrobiotic and homeopathic: Over 95% of produce are sourced locally. Local plants carry nutrients that are essential to the people of the region clearing sensitivities, allergies, …
  • Art- Although we are grounded in science, we believe that intuition and spirit are tremendously valuable. Most of  what is put in the juice is measured, but each day a portion of the formulations are determined by the individual juice crafter, so each juice blend is truly unique.
  • Designed to be healthy for the body to take in every day-A sustainable medicine

Balanced: We have integrated Asian principles into our formulations.

  • Yin and Yang
    • Tonifying and Dispersing (Deeply nourishing to your tissue. At the same time drinking juice is cleansing, facilitating the elimination of debris and toxins.)
    • Warming and cooling
    • Nourishes yin and yang providing building materials as well as energy.
  • 5 elements
    • Our choice of produce target all five elements and therefore all the organ systems in our body.

Amazingly flavorful.

It is an art to blend together prime vegetables that people normally do not consume because of their less palatable taste. We succeed everyday—blending 100% raw deeply nutrient rich plants into tasty and palatable juices.

Conscious of Sugar

We know the importance of all of us getting good nutrients daily. We are also very conscious of our society’s overuse of sugar, even fruit sugar. Most of our juice can be drunk daily without stressing your pancreas and causing insulin rushes.

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