AH Juice Organics Cafe

Our Mission

AH Juice organics is committed to providing you the best healthy, wholesome, 100% organic food we can. If we cannot find an organic source for all ingredients in a dish, you won’t find it on our menu.

AH Juice Organics….Healthy, Sustainable, Organic…Yummy!

  • Fresh baked, Organic, Healthy Pastries made from whole-grains and sweetened with honey
  • Homemade Soups & Salads served with Local, Artisan, Organic Sourdough Bread
  • Organic, Vegan,  & Free Range Chicken Wraps
  • Fresh & Wholesome Lasagna (Whole Grain & No Grain Vegetarian Varieties!)
  • Fresh pressed, Organic Juices
  • Organic Smoothies
  • Wild Fermented Sauerkrauts
  • Yummy Organic Bowls of Steaming Oatmeal with Stewed Apples
  • Organic Breakfast Qinuoa Bowls
  • Organic, Free Range Egg Wraps
  • More Organic Goodies!

jars-togoWe strive to operate out business in ways that do no harm to our planet. Most of our to go items are packaged in glass (even our salads!) which we reuse. The remainder comes from renewable sources and is always biodegradable. We love to compost!

We support Real. Local. Food…

Many of our ingredients come from local farms and businesses.

  • Givens Farm
  • Earthrine Farm
  • Tutti Frutti Farm
  • Alcantar Organic Farm
  • Sunrise Organic Farm
  • Frecker Farm
  • Bob’s Well Bread
  • Sun Potion
  • Carolyn Givens Eggs from Free & Happy Chickens
  • Mud Creek Ranch
  • Da Vall Dates
  • Imlakesh Organics
  • San Marcos Farms Honey


Monday-Friday 7:30 to 5:30, Saturday 9-4

Shop Order Line: 805-698-1032

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