Organic Coffee

Our 100% Organic Espresso Bar!


We use only Grounds for Change organic, fair-trade coffee beans. They are an amazing company, working to empower indigenous coffee coops, and they are certified carbon neutral, from the bean to the cup! We are proud to use their delicious blends.



espresso 1

House Specialty Coffees

MATCHA LATTE with house-made cashew milk & coconut nectar

TURMERIC & GINGER LATTE with our freshly juiced organic turmeric & ginger in almond milk with coconut nectar

ANANDAMIDE LATTE with fair-trade cacao, Sun Potion Anandamide & Coconut nectar

BULLET PROOF PLUS with grass-fed butter, coconut oil, Reishi & Maca (available with Brain Octane)

 espresso 2a

Enjoy the purity!


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