Our Full Organic Menu

    • served with side House Salad all organic

    • Gently seasoned black beans served on an organic grilled flour tortilla with romaine, arugula, cheddar, guac, pico and sprouts. all organic

    • kale, carrots, beets, cabbage, broccoli, zucchini & sunflower seeds in sesame, lemon, agave, miso & ginger all organic

      In house served with organic, cultured sourdough

    • free-range chicken,romaine, carrot & scallions topped with fresh orange and roasted cashew-in classic peanut dressing. all organic

    • Fresh massaged kale with Kalamata olives and our house-made cultured sourdough, turmeric-spiced croutons in creamy, lemony vegan ceasar dressing. all organic

    • romaine, red leaf, arugula, cabbage, carrots, red bells, celery, sunflower seed, topped with avo & our house vinaigrette. all organic

      In house served with organic cultured sourdough

    • Tossed in a ginger dressing with carrots and broccoli. Served over a bed of red leaf lettuce and topped with avo & our house-made juniper kraut. All organic & yummy!

    • With our house-made, wild fermented kraut & avocado. In a light sesame ginger dressing. all organic

    • bowl of organic soup served with organic, whole-grain, artisan sourdough toast

    • On sourdough with red bell peppers & tomato. all organic

    • In house served with organic, whole-grain, artisan sourdough toast

    • Always organic. Served with whole-grain, organic, artisan sourdough toast

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