Our Full Organic Menu

    • Our all organic black bean, quinoa and cashew burger seasoned with delicious spices and served on our house made cultured organic sourdough bun with side house salad.

    • Gently seasoned organic black beans served on an organic grilled flour tortilla with local organic romaine, organic arugula, organic cheddar, our house made organic guac & pico and organic sprouts.

    • Our free roaming bison comes from Wild Idea pastures in South Dakota. It is truly a one-of-a-kind sustainable meat, deliciously seasoned and served on our house made cultured organic sourdough bun with a side of fresh organic local salad greens.

    • Organic local kale, carrots, beets, cabbage, broccoli, & sunflower seeds in our organic  lemon & ginger  vinaigrette. Topped with organic local avocado. Served with organic, house made cultured sourdough.

    • Organic local romaine, carrot & scallions tossed with free range organic roasted chicken in our organic peanut dressing. Topped with fresh organic local orange and organic roasted cashew.

    • Fresh local kale massaged and tossed with Kalamata olives in our house made creamy vegan Caesar dressing. Topped with a bit of chopped organic tomato and our house-made organic turmeric & garlic spiced croutons.

    • Organic local romaine, red leaf, arugula, red cabbage, carrots, red bells & organic sunflower seed, topped with local organic avo & our house organic olive oil & apple cider vinaigrette. Served with organic house made cultured sourdough

    • Kelp noodles tossed in our organic ginger dressing with organic carrots, broccoli & sesame seeds. Served over a bed of organic local red leaf lettuce and topped with local organic avo & our house-made wild juniper kraut. All organic & yummy!

    • Our organic kale salad base topped with oven roasted organic local beets, our house-made, wild fermented kraut & local organic avocado. In our light sesame ginger dressing. all organic

    • A delicious bowl of our chicken or vegan organic soup of the day served with organic, whole-grain, artisan sourdough toast

    • Melted organic cheddar on our house made cultured organic sourdough with organic red bell peppers & organic garden tomato. Served with your choice of our organic vegan or chicken soup of the day.

    • A bowl of our house made vegan or chicken organic soup of the day along with our organic house salad, topped with local organic avocado.  Served with house made organic cultured sourdough toast.

    • Always organic. Vegan and chicken varieties. Served with whole-grain, organic, artisan sourdough toast.

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