Our Sustainability Practices

Since we began business in 2008, AH Juice has practiced “green business” guidelines.

AH Juice is organic.

We believe that it is critical to keep harmful chemicals off our food and out of the soil. For this reason our juice is pressed from 100% Certified Organic Produce and all  other café food and beverage ingredients are also certified organic.

AH Juice is locally sourced.

95% of the produce we use is from local farms. Why is buying produce locally important? These are the freshest vegetables available, picked just hours before we purchase them. Plants that travel begin to lose their vitality and flavor. Local produce, sold right after it’s picked, retains many more nutrients.

Local food preserves genetic diversity, promotes energy conservation (no big trucks carting boxes of vegetables on our freeways!), uses less packaging and promotes open space by keeping local farmland financially viable.

Since family farmers tend to be good stewards of the land, local food supports the environment and benefits wildlife, and buying local reduces the use of fossil fuels and keeps harmful exhaust fumes out of our air. When we keep farms in our community, we ensure that our children and grandchildren have access to nourishing and abundant food.

AH Juice does not use plastic bottles.

juice-jarWe have always bottled our juices, smoothies and other café items in glass. We recollect the jars and lids and sanitize them for reuse. Even though this is extremely labor intensive, we feel it is important to keep PVC’s from plastics out of your juice and out of the environment.

Also, by reusing our containers we calculate that just a onetime re-use of a glass jar is equivalent to being about 9 times more efficient than manufacturing a new one. Based on this calculation, our positive environmental impact (based on the rate of jars we use) is equivalent to the yearly carbon sequestration from nearly 450 evergreen trees! That is equivalent to saving the carbon emissions from a 60 watt light bulb running for 35,680 hours or a typical car running for 15,600 miles. YES YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

AH Juice creates almost no waste.

compostingAll our produce grinds are composted every day, and the resulting nutrient-rich matter is shared with members of the community and returned to the soil. Produce boxes are returned to the local farm for reuse, and 99% of the very little remaining waste we produce is recycled.

AH Juice conserves fossil fuels.

Because we believe in keeping driving to a minimum in order to conserve fuels and keep exhaust out of our air, we bring our juice as close to customers as possible. We have several pick up locations in Goleta, Santa Barbara, Montecito and Carpinteria, so your juice is never more than 5 minutes away.

Two out of three of our delivery vehicles are hybrids, and we are committed to only purchasing cars in the future that are fuel efficient and therefore as environmentally friendly as possible.

We do not support shipping perishable juices, both because of the fuel required to ship by land or air and because of the extensive packaging used in the process

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